5 Ways Parents Can Support their Child’s on their Academic Journey

Throughout life there will be many opportunities for children to advance on well into their academic career. It’s good to help your child through these key stages in their life – from when they are a toddler right up to their university choices. Here are 5 ways you can help support your child.

1. Let your child pursue different activities

A child is not going to know what to look for in their future if they aren’t able to access the many different activities they could be trying out on a regular basis. To allow kids to really flourish, let them take up the things they enjoy. It helps them feel more open-minded about their choices.

2. Push them out of their comfort zone

It can be too comfortable for children to get through their life without feeling a little bit of fear or stress now and then. It’s healthy to explore all of these different feelings and so if they don’t get to experience them, how can they develop their skills? Pushing them out of the comfort zone gets them out there trying new things.

3. Prepare for their studying woes

GCSEs and A Levels are big parts of a child’s academic journey. If your child is very academically-inclined, they will want to do the best they can in these exams in order to progress. To help your child do so, prepare a studying space that meets their exact needs. Cater it to their learning style and how they prepare for a big exam to ensure they are getting the most out of their space.

4. Be prepared for stressful days

When the going gets tough it can spell a lot of bad days for children who just want to do their best. And if they can’t do their best their confidence lowers and so comes a lack of enthusiasm. At this independent school in Hertfordshire there are plenty of opportunities for children to learn from others, as well as high quality pastoral care to ensure their mental wellbeing is kept in check throughout the school day.

5. Attend University Open Days

When your child is of the right age to head to University they will need the support to get them to the right college that will help them achieve their future goals. Open Days are a perfect way for young adults to see where they could be heading to next, and it gives you a better visualisation of what’s to come.