Embarking on a Journey of Creative Writing with Your Child

Creative writing should be something children learn to enjoy a lot of the time. It’s a way of helping children learn about new words, new phrases and grammar development. To help children learn to enjoy creative writing, there is a lot they can pick up from the things they learn at school, through friends and even at home with you.

Here are some ways you can help your child explore creative writing and what it will mean for them in terms of development.

Head to the library

The library will have a treasure trove full of books that are all for your child’s suitable reading level. This will help your child pick out the stories they would like to discover for themselves, which is a good way of helping them understand what genres they do enjoy and which will not be that interesting to them. Creative writing has to come from a place that they know they will enjoy, so search for the things that interest them first.

Ask your child to work on their vocabulary

Another way of helping your child put pen to paper is by writing casually through other means. For example, your child could be asked to develop some new words in time for an upcoming exercise at school the following week. This is the time for them to learn some new words and phrases that they could use in creative ways.

Explore various types of media

From the fantasy films we all know and love to the sci-fi action movies, TV programmes and learning games from our phones – we actually find benefits in all of them. This is a great time to explore creative writing in a new direction, where your child will have the opportunity to think outside the box, as well as think in a more visual way. These all help your child with the ideas that will pop up often quite randomly at times, which is the perfect time to get them writing.

Of course there are many ways you can encourage your child to write freely and with a creative mind. This private school in Surrey always recommends exploring plenty of new approaches and opportunities for children to find their creative side, which in turn will help with their writing confidence.