English Education in Secondary Schools: Is It Necessary?

The majority of Singaporean parents who were children in the 1980s and 1990s had essentially no experience with tuition. It was often believed that schools offered everything a student required to succeed in their academic aspirations.

Today, things have changed dramatically. Singaporeans are spending more money than ever because tuition is more common than not.

Parents spend the most on English tuition at the elementary and secondary levels, which begs the question: Is English tuition essential for secondary school students?

Let’s examine why English tuition for secondary is crucial to the secondary school curriculum to comprehend why kids require further education in the subject.

1. Education English is a crucial academic language.

Students learn how to write and explain themselves better in English classes in secondary school, which is the most critical talent for the working world.

Your child will learn to communicate their thoughts and opinions to others clearly and concisely. Secondary English students are also given instruction on how to better understand and interpret the language.

In the future, these skills will be very useful. However, if your child doesn’t have the best background or a strong foundation in the subject at the primary level, you must get them the best online English tutoring sessions in Singapore.

2. Learning English takes time.

Learning a language takes time. It is impossible to master English overnight since it has so many various aspects that you must learn, including grammar, comprehension, spelling, writing, vocabulary, communication, pronunciation, and much more. The principles of the language must be refined over time.

The best secondary school learning platform in Singapore is necessary for pupils to sharpen their skills and strengthen their command of the language. This makes it essential for parents to select reliable online English programs for their children.

3. Passing the national examinations at the O/N level requires strong English skills.

Students will take the O or N-Level National Examinations at the conclusion of their secondary studies. Because it is the main language of instruction, English is the most crucial topic.

Therefore, in order to obtain good academic standards in English, prior preparation is needed. Keep in mind that a student needs to have at least a C6 in English to enrol in junior college, the institute of technical education, or a polytechnic.

If your child’s O/N Level English score wasn’t high enough, they might have to retake the exam in Singapore. Therefore, it is essential that you enrol your child in the best secondary school online learning program if you are looking for an English tutor for them.

So, should English instruction be offered in secondary schools? 

Absolutely, yes. Learning English is by no means a quick task. Some students could still need additional linguistic support after completing elementary school.