The Importance of English Literature Lessons in Schools

English Literature is a compulsory subject many schools will deliver for their students, with a wealth of benefits to explore. There’s a lot to enjoy about English lessons that will benefit students for years to come. This nursery in Potters Bar shares some reasons why these lessons are so important.

Improved vocabulary development

One of the most obvious reasons why English Literature lessons are so important is their benefit in helping students build on their reading and writing skills. Taking in a lot of different books for analysis, writing thought-provoking arguments and more, alongside being able to use new words, developing their grammar and more.

Helps students learn about realistic life troubles

In all walks of life there are those that struggle a lot more than other people. These issues are important to highlight in stories so that the wider audience can develop their knowledge as a result. Having lessons surrounding these struggles in everyday lives can give students a bit more perspective on what others have to handle. They are able to talk these out among teachers and students to get a better opinion on what is right and what’s wrong.

Teaches students about different cultural backgrounds

In reading the same sorts of stories you can get pigeonholed in a particular genre. With literature you are encouraged to explore more stories and novels that will give students a more rounded view on the world. Cultural differences and backgrounds play a key role in understanding the way we all live and exist on this planet. And it’s a good way of helping students become aware of these from a younger age.

Compliments other study subjects

English Literature is one of those subjects that can be helpful in other areas of a student’s studies. History, Religion and Business Studies are examples of subjects that can be better supported with English Literature as another core subject for students. The analytical detail needed in these subjects can come easily from a child’s many lessons in reading stories and developing their own opinions on them. Similarly, History is a great example of a subject that helps students with their Literature studies, with many of the works they will be learning about focusing on stories from the past.