The Importance of “The Arts” in Education

“The Arts” are subjects we often overlook. They play a crucial role in the development of a child’s creative side, and moreover help them in exploring their natural talents. Below is a full list of benefits shared by an arts school in London.

Self-Expression and Exploration

Art allows children the opportunity to express themselves and explore their talents. This is important for children that are growing and discovering themselves.

Builds Confidence

In getting comfortable with expressing themselves, children build confidence and their self-esteem.

Culture and History 

Another reason as to why children should learn about the arts at school is that it forms a large part of culture and history.

Creativity and Cognitive Development

The subjects also promote creative thinking and encourage children to use their imagination. This is a vital skill to work on as it teaches children to think innovatively and builds upon other core thinking skills such as problem solving and helps with cognitive development.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Other skills children can develop include their fine motor skills as to create art and play musical instruments careful hand-eye coordination is needed.

Develops Gross Motor Skills

Dance on the other hand is physically demanding. It strengthens the larger muscles of the body, or their gross motor skills as we call it.

Improved Mental Health

Children may also use the arts (such as art, dance, and music) as an outlet for dealing with their feelings.


Children may also need to work with others, such as in dance and theatre which can help develop their teamworking skills.

The benefit of studying “the arts” is quite evident from the list shared above. In addition to the work they do at school, we recommend that parents continue with art at home and surround their children with learning resources and activities that encourage them to explore their creativity.