Top Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child can be a struggle if you don’t know the facts. But it can be a straightforward process once you know the area, what you are looking for and what could be in your school checklist of requirements. Parents will want their child to go to the best schools possible, but with budgets, exam records and more to weigh up – what is the right choice? Here are some top tips.

See what other parents are saying

Getting the opinions of parents is a good place to start building up your research into picking out the perfect school. It’s also good to see how other parents view schools in the local area and get a better understanding of places to avoid and what can be seen as a well-established school. In a general sense you will be able to see quite quickly which schools are great for children, based on how many parents take their children there, and which are not mentioned as often.

Look at all school facilities and support

Schools should have a good wellbeing and pastoral care service available for children that need to access it. This is a good indicator of a school that cares and wants to put their students at the forefront. Mental health and wellbeing in schools are vital for students to feel motivated, keen to do well in their studies, while also bringing better grades and more students to the school. Take a look at all areas that a private school provides – do they have an excellent track record in looking after their students?

View a school’s exam records

From GCSEs to A Levels, how are your prospective schools doing? You want your child to be heading to a school that values your child’s progress and gives them the means to study well ahead of their most important exams. Taking a look into the records of these schools and see how they are doing. It could be the final decision you need with regards to picking out the right school for your child.