Your IIT Dream Could Depend On Your Choice Of IIT Coaching Academy


Your success in IIT JEE depends on your preparation, how well you prepare and how much efforts go into the preparation. Not only that, it also depends on certain decisions you make along the way and one such decision is your choice of institute for IIT JEE coaching in Kharghar that you select. There are literally hundreds of coaching academies in the IIT JEE coaching industry. Finding the most dependable coaching institute among so many options before you are not an easy task. You must pay attention to some of the most crucial factors discussed below when selecting your coaching academy.

What is the maximum strength of each class? If the coaching institute admits too many students per class, then it would not be possible for the coaching faculties to give individual attention and this will affect your level of understanding of the concepts taught in the coaching academy. The support of the faculty is very important during the preparation phase. Look for academies that have smaller class size. When you select the best institute for IIT JEE in Thane or Kharghar, they will limit the class size to ensure individual attention to the students.

History or the track record of the coaching academy is another key factor to be taken into consideration. All the coaching institutes will claim to offer the best results but only few of them actually deliver the results. You will be able to spot such coaching academies based on their past success rate. Do not blindly go by the self-made claims of the coaching academies. Instead, you should cross check the effectiveness of the coaching centers based on their actual results that they produce every year.

How frequently the coaching institute conducts assessment tests for the students? This is an important factor to consider because without regular assessment, the actual status of the students cannot be understood and the coaching institute will not be able to guide the students correctly without knowing where each student stands. Look for a coaching academy that conducts frequent tests for the students.

Mode of operation should also be taken into account. Identify coaching institutes that offer both online and offline coaching classes. This will help you continue with your preparation regardless of the possibility of conducting offline classes as it happened during the Covid pandemic situation. The coaching academy should be equipped to run online classes. 

Finally, the cost factor should be considered. Your goal here is not to find the lowest priced coaching academy for JEE but you must find an institute that is capable of offering exceptional classes at the most reasonable fee. You will be able to come across a wide range of coaching academies. Each academy sets its own fee and tries to justify the fee they charge by making various claims on what they deliver. You must take time to find out what actually you are likely to get for the price you pay.